Baby Animals

Some of these baby animal pictures are cute and cuddly, while others are just plain ugly! They all start out innocent though, that is for sure... I hope you enjoy this latest baby animal collection from Insane Pics!

Baby Seal... Who Me?

Baby Sloth... Just Resting!

Baby Vampire Bats... Cute Little Blood Suckers!

Believe It Or Not, This Is A Baby Panda!

Baby Raccoon... Looks Sleepy!

Baby Monkey... How Can You Say No To Those Eyes?

I Believe This One Is A Baby Fox, Correct Me If I Am Wrong!

Baby White Tiger... Is It Bright In Here?

Baby Porcupines! Very Strange To See Them That Small!

Baby Possums... Aw!

Which one was your favorite? From more Insane Pics check out these insane pics for anyone who is scared of heights or these crazy storm pics!


Sandradb said...

Pictures are very cute, and the post before - I was dizzy :-)

Anonymous said...

Very cute baby pix. However, those are baby hedgehogs and not porcupines.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous #1. Those are hedgehogs. They're so cute! :D

Anonymous said...

Who cares they =BITE

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