The Funniest George W. Bush Pics On The Net!

This was just too easy, the man is a complete jackass!

Is this how you get satellite TV here in Russia?

George W. Bush Locked Out!

George W. Bush In Vanity Fair

Never Have I Seen A President Flick So Many People Off...

Why Doesn't This Pic Surprise Me?

It's The Guy On The Right Wife's Panties...

Classic George W.

Who Knew George Was In Such Great Shape?

The Turkey's Revenge!

Um... No Comment!

Damn I Knew He Was Evil, But Wow!

The True George W. Bush...

God Can't Even Save Us!

You Really Can't Blame The Baby They Can Sense Evil...

Hey Everybody I Am Going To Destroy America

This Was During George W. Bush's Coke Days I Am Guessing...

These Might Just Fit!

If only Arnold could just terminate him, the world we be a much better place...


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