Insane Insect Pictures!

Next up here at Insane Pics is a collection of some of the strangest insects gathered from around the world! Prepare yourself for a world of creepy, crawly, colorful, dangerous & beautiful creatures...

One Crazy Looking Caterpillar!

Hairy Fly

Multi Colored Preying Mantis

A Fly's Many Eyes...

Blue And Red Grasshopper

The Pinching Or Stag Beetle

The Katipo Or New Zeland Jumping Spider

Scolopendra Gigantea Centipede

Strange Tail Bug

Micrathena Gracilis... Crazy Spider Spikes!

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Anonymous said...

That last one has to be my favorite... Check out those spikes!!!

Unknown said...

All the photos are excellent & exciting.As an Expert & a professional Entomologist, I suggest to focus various other physical and behavioral images of the insects covering all taxa.. congrats..Dr.P.Narayanasamy

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