Insane Sports Pictures

Next up here at Insane Pics is a collection of some of the funniest and down right strange sports pictures from all around the Internet. Whether you are looking for football, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, even swimming you'll find it here! All the funny sports pictures you can handle in one handy dandy post... Enjoy!
The Devil Has Possessed This One!

But The Water Might Be Cold!

Now That Is Using Your Head

Just Slightly One Sided...

Um... Your Suppose To Use The Bat Not Your Face

A Serious Spike!


Now That Is Just Not Nice!

I Always Knew There Was Love In Hockey!

Maybe Not!

For The Love Of God, Is Soccer That Serious?

I Hope It Was Worth It!

Funny Faced Basketball Players...

Ouch! But It Looks Like She Got It!

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